Risk Management

Risk management is a preventive, proactive approach ensuring that surprises are reduced and that negative consequences associated with undesirable events are minimized. SureSpec uses risk management to assure work quality, maintenance longevity, and subcontractor performance and we absolve clients from litigation possibilities. Our services in this regard include:

  • Third party quality assurance
  • Contract Review/Preparation
  • Performance Reporting – Independent contractor performance reporting
  • Dilapidation Surveys
  • Mitigation strategies & contingency plans
  • Legal disputes and litigation consulting


Third party quality assurance

We provide a third party monitoring process to our clients from building owners to leading manufacturer/suppliers. Ensuring best practice and adherence to specification standards we can offer our clients assurance to quality workmanship and product efficiency. Through this process all parties are protected and the best possible results guaranteed.

Contractual services

As a third party consultancy with strong legal backgrounds and ties we are in the ideal position to review or prepare all your contractual agreements in the building industry, from construction and maintenance subcontractor agreements to contractor and supplier guarantees.

Performance Reporting

We provide independent contractor performance reporting for building owners and leading industry manufacturers and suppliers. Independent reporting results in a client-contractor- supplier trust triangle supplying the client with the assurance of cost-effectiveness and quality of performance.

Dilapidation Surveys & Reports

Our Dilapidation reports are completed by experienced consultants in documenting the condition of a property or building. Reports are comprehensive and are undertaken prior to the commencement of, demolition, excavations, building works or boring on an adjoining property. The proposed works can include a new unit building (particularly if there are underground garages), alterations to a retaining wall, road works, underground tunnelling or demolition.

Our dilapidation report is a report on the condition, typically may include things like notes, measurements, photographs and diagrams which give an accurate picture of the state of the buildings being inspected, but does not include defects or cause of current failures.

Phases of our Dilipadation Survey and Report:

1. An initial comprehensive inspection and report is undertaken prior to works commencing so that any cracking and/or damage is documented.

2. We recommend subsequent quality assurance monitoring visits with interim reports to evaluate conditions during demolition and construction stages to prevent damage or further damage if such is observed during monitoring sessions. These reports are always compared to the original Dilapidation Survey & Report.

3. A final inspection is undertaken on completion of the works and any changes are documented so that remedial works can be undertaken.

Mitigation strategies & contingency plans

When a risk event is identified and assessed, a decision must be made concerning which response is appropriate to address the risk. SureSpec will reduce the likelihood that the event will occur and/or reduce the impact that the adverse event would have on the project. We assist our clients in developing contingency plans that will be used if a possible foreseen risk event becomes a reality. This service we provide as a standalone service or as part of a comprehensive project management strategy.

Legal disputes and litigation consulting

SureSpec provides construction/building/maintenance claims management, dispute resolution, and litigation support services. We assist our clients in the construction industry with preparation, analysis, and resolution of construction claims. SureSpec provides professional third party services to owners, contractors and industry leading suppliers. We provide litigation and arbitration support through expert analysis and our legal affiliations.