Construction Industry Services

We provide valuable third party services to the construction industry. With ever present construction faults and defects in new buildings it is imperative to use external quality assurance services to ensure quality workmanship and procedures. We provide a diverse range of services to the construction industry.

  • Dilapidation Surveys & Reports
  • Aerial Surveys & Construction Progress Reports
  • Quality Assurance & Technical Tests

Dilapidation Surveys & Reports

Our Dilapidation reports are completed by experienced consultants in documenting the condition of a property or building. Reports are comprehensive and are undertaken prior to the commencement of, demolition, excavations, building works or boring on an adjoining property. The proposed works can include a new unit building (particularly if there are underground garages), alterations to a retaining wall, road works, underground tunnelling or demolition.

Our dilapidation report is a report on the condition, typically may include things like notes, measurements, photographs and diagrams which give an accurate picture of the state of the buildings being inspected, but does not include defects or cause of current failures.

Phases of our Dilapidation Survey and Report:

1. An initial comprehensive inspection and report is undertaken prior to works commencing so that any cracking and/or damage is documented.

2. We recommend subsequent quality assurance monitoring visits with interim reports to evaluate conditions during demolition and construction stages to prevent damage or further damage if such is observed during monitoring sessions. These reports are always compared to the original Dilapidation Survey & Report.

3. A final inspection is undertaken on completion of the works and any changes are documented so that remedial works can be undertaken.

Aerial Surveys & Construction Progress Reports

We provide HD video and photographical footage to document construction progress for clients. This is a valuable service when top management or owners are located far from the construction site. We provide in-depth progress reports for ease of mind, to curb risk, approve progress payments or for future record purposes. Please read more…

Quality Assurance & Technical Tests

Building longevity and integrity is dependent on quality preparation and construction. Third party quality assurance reports provide the client with proof of quality workmanship and building practice. Typical tests performed are dry film thickness (DFT) test on coating systems, moisture content (WME%) of substrates. pull off tests and thermal imaging to ensure substrate readiness for construction progress.


We assist clients to compile Health and Safety files and plans for buildings , properties and construction sites. We also do Construction Environmental Management Plans to comply with EIA’s. Please read more…