Our goal is to provide long term peace of mind for your building maintenance and innovation needs through individual services to comprehensive maintenance or project programmes.  Our services include:

Building maintenance services
Maintenance systems and services are essential to ensure peak performance, tenant satisfaction and asset preservation. In order to assist clients to maximize efficiencies and minimize costs.

Risk management services
Risk management is a preventive, proactive approach ensuring that surprises are reduced and that negative consequences associated with undesirable events are minimized.

Project management services
We provide a range of third party project management services to property owners, contractors, and industry leading suppliers. Our strategies provide practical and cost-effective solutions to the challenges faced throughout innovation and maintenance processes.

Aerial surveys and thermal imaging
We further our services by providing aerial photography and video material of buildings to assist in photogrammetry and mapping of buildings. Our UAVs are able to fly in close proximity to building facades and rooftops to capture HD video and high-resolution photographs, recording structural damage or faults of existing buildings, or record HD footage of new construction in progress.

Construction industry services
With ever present construction faults and defects in new buildings it is imperative to use external quality assurance services to ensure quality workmanship and procedures. We provide a diverse range of services to the construction industry.

Environmental management services
We provide sustainability services within building maintenance & renovation framework, which includes the compiling of Environmental Management Plans, energy audits to green building accreditation.

Surespec SpecialWorks
We have our own team involved in special projects, from roofing, specialised waterproofing to construction and painting projects. As specifiers our clients have asked us to follow through to ensure our specifications and quality is met, hence the start of our SpecialWorks division.