Building Maintenance

Maintenance systems and services are essential to ensure peak performance, tenant satisfaction and asset preservation. For a single location or properties nationwide, SureSpec assists owners and managers to maximize efficiencies and minimize costs.  Our consultants provide preventative maintenance assessments; help establish operational and maintenance performance standards, assist with maintenance contracting and facilitate realistic, ongoing maintenance schedules. Our understanding and attention to cost saving details provides our clients with confidence about their building systems maintenance. Our services include:

  • Building due diligence & Condition Surveys
  • Assessment & Recommendations Reports
  • Tender Process & Contractor appointment
  • Preventative maintenance – creating a sustainable asset value through long-term maintenance programmes


Building due diligence & Condition Surveys

SureSpec conducts comprehensive due diligence and survey reports identifying maintenance requirements. Our reports form an integral part of pre-purchase investigations to determine any latent defects, maintenance issues or any other area of concern which could raise hidden costs to the purchaser. Our condition surveys also form part of our comprehensive 5-year maintenance programs and assist property owners in managing full-maintenance-lease tenants.

Assessment & Recommendations Reports

We provide technical assessments and diagnosing of specific failures to specify solutions and maintenance requirements that are cost effective and quality assured. These reports include:
roofing, waterproofing, painting, structural, window and door installations, water leak tracking reports and snag reports. All our reports also include quality control, reinstatement specifications and schedules of quantities.

Tender Process & Contractor appointment

SureSpec ensures that the tender process is non-bias, fair and ethical and ensures that tenders adhere to all specifications stipulated in tender requirement documentation. This include tax-clearance certificates, bank guarantees, BBEEE certificates, professional indemnity policies, OSHE policies and plans, technical specification compliance and  industry standard costing.

Preventative maintenance

We assist our clients in creating a sustainable asset value through long-term maintenance programmes. Through quality assurance during maintenance projects and yearly audits and survey reports we provide a 5-year maintenance programme whereby buildings and building performance are closely monitored to reduce the maintenance cost, ensure best environmental practices and to enhance corporate sustainability profiles.